• Ammo Clear

Removes ammonia.Prevents 'new tank syndrome'.Purifies and freshens aquarium water.

Why use AmmoClear?
Ammonia is the raw waste product excreted by fish and is very toxic even atlow levels. Waterlife's AmmoClear is a natural mineral which absorbsammonia at source. Removal of ammonia will help stem the build up of nitriteand nitrate in the aquarium. Suitable for most box filters, trickle filters &canister filters. For use in tropical freshwater and coldwater aquaria.Use 1 satchet per 50 litres (approx. 10 galls) of aquarium water.Do not use in seawater aquaria.Do not add salt to the aquarium whilst AmmoClear filtration is in use.Always switch off filter / remove AmmoClear beforeusing any medication - for the duration of the course.

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Ammo Clear

  • Product name: Ammo Clear
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These calculations are based on regular square or rectangular shaped aquariums or ponds only. Please allow for water displaced by gravel, rocks, slopes, shelves etc.