Disease Diagnosis & FAQs

Comprehensive guides to the syptoms and treatments of diseases affecting pond, tropical freshwater and marine fish.

Choose the category of fish which interests you from the list below, and click the links to see the full disease diagrams for each. For further enquiries on any of the topics outlined here, please get in touch with us.

Cold Water Aquaria and Pond Fish

See disease symptoms and treatments for cold water aquaria and pond fish, including Mouth Fungus, Gill Flukes, Dropsy, Velvet and Fin Haemorrhaging. See the pond fish disease diagram >

Tropical Freshwater Fish

See disease symptoms and treatments for tropical freshwater fish, including Costia, Body Flukes, Lymphosystis and Fin-rot. See the tropical freshwater fish disease diagram >

Marine Fish

See disease symptoms and treatments for marine fish, including Internal Bacteria, Intestinal Worms and Copepods. See the marine fish disease diagram >

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