• Medizin P

Protozoacide & Fungicide

Effective treatment for Whitespot, Costia (Velvet), Trichodina, Crytobia.

Effective against fungal infections.

Can be used as a preventative medicine.

Safe with fish, plants and filtration bacteria

Suitable for garden ponds

NB. Fish can develop disease at any time.  However a disease / pathogen outbreak is most likely to occur in Spring and then to a lesser extent in Autumn.

Therefore the caring water gardener will treat at these important time of the year as a preventative, first with Medizin P, then 10 days later with Sterazin P.

Available in:

250ml – 3 day course for 6,000 litres

500ml – 3 day course for 12,000 litres

1 litre – 3 day course for 24,000 litres

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Medizin P

  • Product name: Medizin P
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These calculations are based on regular square or rectangular shaped aquariums or ponds only. Please allow for water displaced by gravel, rocks, slopes, shelves etc.