• Ultramarine

The ultimate sea salt

First formulated in 1963, it is believed to be one of the first sea salts commercially available.

Ultramarine was the first salt in which the Percula Clownfish was bred in Great Britain.

Ultramarine is now used by many universities, fish farms & public aquaria.

• Available in user-friendly, re-sealable containers.

• Made from high grade pharmaceutical ingredients.

• Contains no disease organisms, pathogens or pollutants.

• Contains essential vitamins and minerals.

• High alkaline reserve, lengthening the periods necessary between water changes.

• Produces crystal clear water after a brief period of aeration.

• Ultramarine does not require the addition of a de-chlorinator

• Available in 10kg & 20kg.

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These calculations are based on regular square or rectangular shaped aquariums or ponds only. Please allow for water displaced by gravel, rocks, slopes, shelves etc.