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bacterlifep-250-w Average customer rating:

Bacterlife P

Digests ammonia & sludge.


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biomat-w Average customer rating:


Biological filter media.


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biomature-100-w Average customer rating:


Safely starts filters.


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broad-range-ph-test-w7 Average customer rating:

Broad Range Test Kit

Measures acidity / alkalinity.


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invertfood-120-w2 Average customer rating:


Liquid diet for filter feeders.


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cuprazin-100-w Average customer rating:


For the treatment of Whitespot, Costia...


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haloex-100-w Average customer rating:


Makes tap water safe. Neutralises...


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humaquat-250-w Average customer rating:


Creates black-water conditions. Ideal...


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iodine-125-w Average customer rating:

Iodine Booster

Iodine supplement for reef aquaria.


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lowerph-360-w8 Average customer rating:

Lower Pond pH

Reduces pH in garden ponds.


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