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Disease Symptoms & Treatments Charts

CUPRAZIN (Protozoacide/Fungicide) (Details)
For the treatment of Whitespot, Costia and other Fungal infections in seawater aquaria only. Do not use in aquaria containing invertebrates, macro algae, Sharks, Rays, or Harlequin Tuskfish.
MYXAZIN (bactericide) (Details)
A treatment for Ulcers, Fin-Rot, Body Rot and other bacterial related diseases in all aquaria.
OCTOZIN (Flagellated Protozoa) (Details)
For the treatment of "Hole-in the-Head", Spironucleus, Dropsy, Malawi Bloat, Sleeping Sickness and Whitespot in all aquaria.
PARAZIN (Parasiticide) (Details)
Fish lice (Argulus), anchor worm (Lernea), gill maggots (Ergasilus) are just some of the horrific parasites/predators, which can attack fish and are almost invisible to the naked eye. New Parazin destroys these and other insect and crustacean parasites/predators found in aquaria.
PROTOZIN (Protozoacide/Fungicide) (Details)
For the treatment of Whitespot, Fungus, Velvet and Costia in tropical freshwater and coldwater aquaria only. Do not use when mormyrids (i.e. Elephant Nose, Dolphin Fish), Sturgeon and Sterlets are present.
STERAZIN (parasiticide) (Details)
For the treatment of Gill and Body Flukes. Do not use when crustaceans (i.e. Crabs, Shrimps), echinoderms (i.e. Sea Urchins, Starfish), s/w Sharks, Rays, Piranha, Sturgeon and Sterlets are present.
Please note:
If symptoms persist it may be necessary to contact a veterinarian for a prescription treatment.)