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Disease Treatment 6


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6. Greyish-white, cotton-wool-like threads growing from the fish's body and particles of uneaten food, etc., on gravel.

FUNGUS - caused by Saprolegnia sps. fungi, poor hygiene, overfeeding and low temperatures.

Remove waste food from tank. Treat water with Waterlife 6.5 BUFFER or HUMAQUAT (tropical soft water species only). Commence PROTOZIN treatment at minimum 25C (78F).

Extremely rare in seawater. Treat with CUPRAZIN.

Flush pond through and treat with MEDIZIN P and (if possible) increase water temp and add PONDSAL

These diseases are extremely difficult to treat - no doubt due to the facts that:
a) they are essentially diseases of the internal organs i.e. spleen, brain, liver, etc., which are difficult to reach with medications, and,
b) apart from disease 6 (Saprolegnia), there are no easily-seen external symptoms until the disease is already well advanced.
The key to successful avoidance however is undoubtedly stated in the "type of disease" column above , i.e. keep the system scrupulously clean at all times. Never overfeed, use the Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, pH and Hardness test kits to ensure that water management, and water chemistry are always maintained within optimal limits. In short - keep stress to a minimum so that the time bomb ticks quietly away until your fishes cheat it by dying of old age.

After reading the above please refer to the General Notes for further information.

Please note: If symptoms persist it may be necessary to contact a veterinarian for a prescription treatment.