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Manufacturer of aquarium and pond products

Science Serving Aquatics

Founded in 1968, Water Life Research Industries Limited is probably best known to the pet trade for its impressive range of aquarium and pond products and manufacturing capabilities.

Water Life Research Industries Limited (aka Waterlife) is based near London Heathrow. We serve customers throughout the UK and export to many countries around the world.

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50 + years of history

Graham Cox founded Waterlife over 50 years ago. His interest in aquatics first arose whilst he was teaching biology and chemistry in Zambia. Whilst on holiday in Mozambique he swam and dived in the coral reefs and was so excited and enthusiastic by what he saw, he used his scientific background to form SeAquariums. SeAquariums was one of the first aquatic businesses to specialise exclusively in the importation of tropical marine life and the manufacture of equipment required to study them.
Ultramarine sea salt was one of the revolutionary new products brought to market in 1963. The salt was also used to breed the first Percula Clownfish in a closed circuit system in the 1970's. Other pioneering innovations developed by Waterlife were the reverse flow filtration concept as used in the SeAquariums system. This was a complete aquarium with integral filter and was the forerunner to many tanks seen in market today. To this day, the company holds many patents ensuring it remains at the forefront of the industry.

Waterlife has helped many businesses to get started in aquatics and has been pleased to be able to pass on knowledge to help grow the aquatic market. Waterlife is world-renowned, supplying over 20 countries with goods manufactured from its automated production facility in West London. The complete range of medications, water treatments, test kits, algicides, sea salts, filter media and specialist foods caters for every aspect of the ornamental fish keeping hobby.

Waterlife manufactures an 'HSE registered algicide' aswell as a manufacturing license to sell products under the Exemption for small pet animals, Licence no. SAM0003.
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A simple and effective range of treatments for the tropical freshwater fish keeper. Waterlife have been the 'trade's choice' for over 50 years.
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At Waterlife Research Industries Limited, we also sell products for indoor goldfish, arguably the nation's favourite pet.
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The Repweb calcium supplement is natural, phosphorus-free and ultra-fine for ease of ingestion.
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Our popular pond products are easy to use, with measuring cups for fast, accurate dosage. Safe with fish, plants and filtration bacteria.
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Manufactured since the 60`s and updated inline with the latest research.

Here is our water volume calculator, if you have any futher queries please contact us, our friendly team are on hand to help

Brands & Products

  • SeAquariums
  • AlgiBlitz
  • PondSal
  • Medizin P
  • Algizin P
  • Myxazin
  • Bacterlife
  • Protozin
  • Octozin
  • Parazin
  • Sterazin
  • Artemia Shelless
  • AmmoClear
  • RepWeb
  • CoralFood
  • SeaDrometer
  • Haloex
  • StayClear
  • SeaTrace
  • BioMature

A wide range of customers

We cater for wholesale - trade customers and offer customer care and advice. We also provide products for fish farms and exporting stations, public aquaria, both in the UK and overseas, we also deal with university supplies. Waterlife has been contracted to create several aquatic exhibits for multi-national companies and government bodies, and has been involved with various TV and film productions.

Why choose us?

  • Extensive range
  • Proven track record
  • Professional service
Waterlife Research Industries Limited is based near Heathrow. We serve customers throughout the world. 
Our worldwide distributors include Australia, 
China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Norway, Portugal, Malta, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Singapore, and U.A.E.

If you would like to become a distributor, please get in touch.

Our guides

Please also help yourself to our guides that include fish disease charts (under 850KB each).
Please also feel free to make use of our other charts on the diagnosis and treatment of fish diseases.
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How can I calculate my aquarium capacity?

It's a multiplication of the width, length and depth of your tank/pond in centimetres, inches or feet.

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Get in touch with us today. Waterlife Research Industries Limited is based in Wet London. We serve customers throughout the world.
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