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Tropical fish products

If you're looking for tropical fish products, Water Life Research Industries Ltd has a wide range to choose from.
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What tropical fish products do we sell?

Whether you are a seasoned fish keeper or a first-timer, we can offer you a range of products to help you treat your tropical fish.
  • Disease treatments
  • Water conditioners
  • Test kits
  • Filter media
  • Foods
  • Aquarium Starter Pack

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Medications and water conditioners

Water conditioners

6.5 Buffer

Lowers pH and hardness of tap-water for acid-loving fish and plants

• A true pH buffer, which softens and acidifies tap-water for acidophilic fishes and plants.

• 6.5 Buffer is a safe way of adjusting pH.

• pH cannot fall below 6.5.

• Reduces fish waste toxicity.


160g Use as required


7.2 Buffer

Raises/lowers pH for community freshwater fish.

• Reduces pH to 7.2 for community freshwater fish.

• Safe – will not lower the pH below 7.0.

• Easy to use powder treatment.


60g Use as required

160g Use as required

4.5kg Use as required


8.3 Buffer

A blended multiple compound buffer.

• Increases pH and hardness.

• Harmless to filter bacteria.

• Safe buffer formulation.

• Does not contain phosphate.

• Suitable for alkaline water loving species.


230g Use as required



The natural weekly cleaning treatment.

• Oxidises ammonia, nitrite and digests sludge.

• Blend of essential nitrifying and sludge-digesting bacteria.

• These helpful bacteria aid the break down of fish waste, uneaten food and plant debris.

• Increases the bacterial count of existing filtration.

• Inhibits ’new tank syndrome’.


100ml Up to 1000 litres

250ml Up to 2500 litres

500ml Up to 2500 litres

1litre   Up to 2500 litres



Fast acting dechlorinator and water conditioner.

• Neutralises chlorine, chloramine & fluorine.

• Binds up heavy metals.

• Reduces stress on your fish.

• Reinforcing the fish’s protective mucus membrane.

• Should be used when filling your aquaria and after water changes.


100ml Up to 1000 litres

250ml Up to 2500 litres

500ml Up to 22500 litres



General tonic.

• Releases monatomic oxygen in safe amounts, improving fish health, vitality and colour.

• Raises the REDOX potential (oxygen levels) in the aquarium and improves filter efficiency.

• Assists in the break down of fish waste and plant debris, improving aquarium conditions.

• Easy to use powder form. Does not dye silicon sealant.

• Dissolved, Paragon is even safe with delicate species – even urchins, starfish and crustaceans.

NB. Do not use with Discus species.


200g Up to 2500 litres


StayClear A

Water clarifier.

• Flocculent water clarifier.

• Suspended particles are bound together into larger clumps, which sinks allowing it to be removed from the water by filtration.

• Helps keep your aquarium clean and healthy.

• Safe with plants.


100ml Up to 1000 litres

250ml Up to 2500 litres

Water conditioners


Blackwater tonic

• Concentrated liquid pH adjuster, for acid water loving fishes and plants.

• Creates the natural tropical black-water conditions.

• Encourages spawning & increases disease resistance.

• Enhances colour and appetite.

• Encourages healthy plant growth and helps to suppress algae.


250ml Up to 2,500 litres


Multi vitamin supplement

• A blend of vitamins and amino acids.

• Stimulates good health, disease resistance and convalescence.

• High in vitamin B12 which combats anorexia in all fish.

• Encourages a healthy appetite.

• Shortens the recovery time after an infection.

• Does not harm filtration bacteria.

100ml Up to 1500 litres

250ml Up to 3750 litres

Filtration maturation fluid

• Scientific formulation of bacterial nutrients.

• Enables filters to be matured before adding valuable fish.

• Keeps quarantine/isolation tanks mature.

• Easy to use.

NB. Ensure ammonia and nitrite levels have gone before introducing livestock


100ml Up to 3000 litres


Liquid aquarium plant food.

• Specially formulated to release it's plant nutrients and trace elements slowly over a 10-14 day period.

• Creates controlled, healthy plant growth without intensive maintenance.

• Simple and easy to use.

• Contains potassium, which helps prevent yellowing in plant leaves.

100ml Up to 1000 Litres

250ml Up to 2500 Litres

Test kits

Ammonia Test NH3 / NH4
50 tests per kit.
• Test for toxic ammonia / ammonium.
• Hyper sensitive kit (reads from 0 to 10 mgs/litre).

Nitrate Test Kit NO3
50 tests per kit.
• Test for toxic nitrate.
• Reads the range 0 to 200 mgs/litre (ppm.).

Nitrite Test NO2
75 tests per kit.
• Test for toxic nitrite.
• Range covered 0 – 15 ppm.

PH Test Kit
75 tests per kit
pH is the measure of acidity or alkalinity of water. Incorrect pH causes fish stress, which is one of the main causes of ill health, poor colouration and a failure to breed.
A wide band pH test kit for pH evaluation.
• Covers the range pH5 to pH9.

NEW Aquarium Multi-Test 
NH3, NO2 & pH
108 tests
• Test for ammonia, nitrite & pH

Filter media

Removes ammonia. Prevents 'new tank syndrome'. Purifies and freshens aquarium water.


Artemia Shelless                                Brine shrimp eggs.
The shrimp eggs are exposed to a special de-capsulation process which removes all disease organisms and parasites.
Fast hatching rate and produces a higher yield of shrimps.
Suitable for marine, tropical freshwater and cold-water.
100ml 01753 685696 eggs approx
250ml 01753 685696 eggs approx
We also sell marine fish products.
Fin rot & Uicers, White spot & Fungus, Ammonia & Nitrite, Tap water safe 4 bottles of waterlife products

'Total Disease COntrol'

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