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Coldwater fish products

Goldfish are arguably the nations favourite animal.   Waterlife has decades of knowledge and experience with these loveable pets.
Nitrare No2 water test product blue 75 tests

Our coldwater fish products

Coldwater fish keeping can be a very rewarding pursuit. We can help you do it properly.
  • Disease treatments
  • Water conditioners
  • Test kits
  • Filter media
  • Foods

Disease treatments

For flagellated protozoa.
• Unique treatment for internal parasites e.g. Sleeping Sickness, Hole-in-the-Head, Seawater Angelfish and Clownfish Disease, Malawi Bloat Disease and some types of Dropsy.
• May be used to treat Whitespot in seawater aquaria where Cuprazin can't be used.
• Harmless to invertebrates and algae when used as directed.
21 Tablets 3 day course for 150 litres
80 Tablets 3 day course for 600 litres
200 Tablets 3 day course for 1500 litres

Treats fish lice, anchor worm, gill maggots and other crustacean parasites / predators.
• Treats Fish Lice,Anchor Worm,Gill Maggots and other crustacean parasites / predators.
• Only one dose usually required.
• Only available from Waterlife.
• Safe with fish and plants.
• Does NOT harm filtration bacteria.
NB. Do not use with crayfish,
crabs, shrimps, lobsters or
related species.
20 Tablets Up to 450 litres

Protozoacide and fungicide. 
For effective control of protozoan parasites e.g. whitespot, velvet, costiasis and trichodiniasis.
Do not use when rays, Mormrids, crustaceans or molluscs are present.
100ml 4 day course for 250 litres
250ml 4 day course for 625 litres
500ml 4 day course for 3750 litres
1litre 4 day course for 7500 litres

Broad spectrum bactericide
 Lowers the count of harmful bacteria.
• Treats Fin Rot, Body Rot, Ulcers, Sores, Pop Eye, Cloudy Eye, Mouth Fungus and other bacterial diseases.
• Can also be used to sterilise nets and live foods.
• Mild on fish, highly biodegradable and effective.
NB. For marines – use in
fish only aquaria.
100ml 5 day course for 200 litres
250ml 5 day course for 500 litres
500ml 5 day course for 3000 litres
1Litre 5 day course for 6000 litres

For the control of gill and body parasites.
• For the control of gill and body parasites.
• Controls internal parasites such as Round Worm, Thread Worm and intestinal worms.
• Can be used to assist sterilisation of aquatic plants.
NB. Not for use with crustaceans, echinoderms, rays, seawater sharks, pirahna, sturgeon or sterlets and related species. With these species use Waterlife's Paragon.
100ml 5 day course for 200 litres
250ml 5 day course for 500 litres
500ml 5 day course for 2997 litres

NEW FlukeFree
For Flukes and worms
• Simple to use.
• No mess.
• Tolerated by a wide range of specials.
• Will not dye aquarium sealant
• Only 2 doses usually required.
20 tablets 2 day course for 225 litres

Water conditioners

7.2 Buffer
Raises/lowers pH for community freshwater fish.
• Reduces pH to7.2 for community freshwater fish.
• Safe – will not lower the pH below 7.0.
• Easy to use powder treatment.
60g Use as required
160g Use as required
4.5kg Use as required

Fast acting dechlorinator and water conditioner.
• Neutralises chlorine, chloramine & fluorine.
• Binds up heavy metals.
• Reduces stress on your fish.
• Reinforcing the fish’s protective mucus membrane.
• Should be used when filling your aquaria and after water changes.
100ml Up to 1,000 litres
250ml Up to 2,500 litres
500ml Up to 22,500 litres

The natural weekly cleaning treatment.
• Oxidises ammonia, nitrite and digests sludge.
• Blend of essential nitrifying and sludge-digesting bacteria.
• These helpful bacteria aid the break down of fish waste, uneaten food and plant debris.
• Increases the bacterial count of existing filtration.
• Inhibits ’new tank syndrome’.

General tonic.
• Releases monatomic oxygen in safe amounts, improving fish health, vitality and colour.
• Raises the REDOX potential (oxygen levels) in the aquarium and improves filter efficiency.
• Assists in the break down of fish waste and plant debris, improving aquarium conditions.
• Easy to use powder form and does not dye silicon sealant.
• Dissolved, Paragon is even safe with delicate species – even urchins, starfish and crustaceans.
NB. Do not use with Discus species.
200g Up to 2500 litres

Stayclear A
Water clarifier.
• Flocculent water clarifier.
• Suspended particles are bound together into larger clumps, which sinks allowing it to be removed from the water by filtration.
• Helps keep your aquarium clean and healthy.
• Safe with plants.
100ml Up to 1,000 litres

Liquid aquarium plant food.
• Specially formulated to release plant nutrients and trace elements slowly over a 10-14 day period.
• Creates controlled, healthy plant growth without intensive maintenance.
• Simple and easy to use.
• Contains potassium, which helps prevent yellowing in plant leaves.
100ml Up to 1000 Litres
250ml Up to 2500 Litres

Multi vitamin supplement.
• A blend of vitamins and amino acids.
• Stimulates good health, disease resistance and convalescence.
• High in vitamin B12 which combats anorexia in all fish.
• Encourages a healthy appetite.
• Shortens the recovery time after an infection.
• Does not harm filtration bacteria.
100ml Up to 1500 litres
250ml Up to 3750 litres

Filtration maturation fluid.
• Scientific formulation of bacterial nutrients.
• Enables filters to be matured before adding valuable fish.
• Keeps quarantine/isolation tanks mature.
• Easy to use.
• Does not harm filtration bacteria.
• Use BacterLife afterwards for rapid maturation.
NB.  Ensure ammonia and nitrite levels are zero before adding livestock.
100ml Up to 3000 litres

Aquarium Starter Pack
Makes tap water safe + Digests ammonia and nitrite
Contains Haloex to neutralise chlorine and Bacterlife to break down fish waste

Contents 2 x 20ml bottles
Each 20ml bottle treats 200 litres of aquarium water.

Test kits

Ammonia Test NH3 / NH4
50 tests per kit.
Test for toxic ammonia / ammonium.

Broad Range PH Test
75 tests per kit.
  A wide band pH test kit for pH evaluation.

Nitrate Test Kit NO3
50 tests per kit.
Test for toxic nitrate.

Nitrite Test NO2
75 tests per kit.
Test for toxic nitrite.

NEW Aquarium Multi-Test 
NH3, NO2 & pH
108 tests
• Test for ammonia, nitrite & pH

Filter media

Removes ammonia. Prevents 'new tank syndrome'. Purifies and freshens aquarium water.


Artemia Shelless
Brine shrimp eggs.
The shrimp eggs are exposed to a special de-capsulation process which removes all disease organisms and parasites.
Fast hatching rate and produces a higher yield of shrimps.
Suitable for marine, tropical freshwater and cold-water.
100ml 1,000,000 eggs approx
250ml 2,500,000 eggs approx
We also sell reptile products.
Waterlife Aquarium Starter Pack Makes tap water safe + Digests Ammonia & Nitrite 5

Aquarium starter pack

Buy Waterlife’s new starter pack!

Waterlife’s new starter pack is ideal for smaller aquarium set-ups or maintaining an existing tank. The box includes a user guide, explaining how to use each bottle.

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