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Reptile treatment products

In addition to fish we also supply treatment products for reptiles under our sister brand REPWEB.
Rep Web Calcium Supplement

Reptile treatment products

Whether your interest is in reptiles or amphibians, we can help you look after them properly. We primarily sell:
  • Supplements
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Calcium Supplement
This product is designed for reptiles and amphibians.
Calcium is an essential compound needed for sustained health in reptiles and amphibians. This new product is natural, phosphorus free and ultra-fine for ease of ingestion. Repweb's Calcium Supplement is competitively priced and an enticing size for the average reptile/amphibian keeper.
  • Pure natural calcium carbonate
  • Phosphorus free
  • Ultrafine grade for ease of digestion
100g  Use as required

Our new reptile product

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